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Elevated Solutions — Porcelain Paver Safety Backing for The United States and Canada

Elevated Solutions is the first choice for raised pedestal safety in North America that provides our unique solution to porcelain paver safety backing. Though all of our safety backing production is done in California, our solution ships throughout the United States and Canada. Simply have your 2cm porcelain shipped to our facility and we will back it with our safety backing system in no time so that it can then be shipped out to its ultimate destination and installed.

Elevated Solutions was approached some time ago with a problem by one of our porcelain manufacturers—they needed a safety backing system for their porcelain pavers that would increase safety at competitive prices. With more than 20 years of experience dealing with porcelain and construction projects as a contractor, we created a revolutionary solution. Our streamlined production system to mass produce safety backed porcelain pavers was born. You have a time frame and we understand that. Our process is productive and efficient. We meet deadlines.

Porcelain Pavers
Metal Backed Porcelain Pavers

How Our Porcelain Paver Safety Service Can Help You

Elevated Solutions' porcelain paver safety service provides a necessary solution to the risks of porcelain pavers that are installed outdoors, on rooftops, or in temperature and weight-sensitive areas. With our metal backed pavers in place, if the porcelain should break, our metal gives you more time to replace the paver before injury can happen. Pavers without this backing can become extremely dangerous in these situations, which is why we wanted to provide a quick and budget-friendly solution. Elevated Solutions applies our successful backing in high volumes for a competitive price.

Contact our sales representatives to get a cost and timeline estimate today and help ensure the safety of your next raised porcelain paver project.

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