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North America's Choice for Porcelain Paver Safety

Elevated Solutions is the United States and Canada’s choice for porcelain paver safety because we are pioneers in the industry. With more than 20 years of contractor experience, we know what it takes to ensure that porcelain pavers with drainage systems will not be the cause of a safety hazard under extreme conditions. The safety backing that we adhere to your pavers will ensure crucial safety for any system that uses a floating or raised floor. These systems are often found on roofs or other outdoor surfaces where a lightweight raised floor is preferred.

Elevated Solutions began the process of innovation within the porcelain paver backing industry when a client came to us with a need for a metal backed porcelain. When we first began our production system, we knew that safety should always come first. Now, with improvements to our assembly line, we are extremely efficient. This streamlining allows us to offer one of the best prices and timelines on safety backing in the business.

safety backed
Metal Backed Porcelain Pavers Being Installed

How Our Porcelain Pavers Safety Backing System Works

Elevated Solutions’ metal backed porcelain pavers system gives you peace of mind that, if a porcelain paver would fail due to load impact, it would not result in bodily injury. Our steel-based elevated porcelain solutions ensure that your porcelain will always be safe, no matter the situation. This system is important not only for the safety of your pavers, but also to ensure that your pavers will be backed by the manufacturer's warranty, as many warranties are voided without a safety system in place.

Contact the expert team here at Elevated Solutions to get started on your order today. We'll have it shipped to your destination anywhere in North America in no time.

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