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Metal Backing for Porcelain Pavers — Shipping Throughout the United States and Canada

Elevated Solutions provides metal backing for porcelain pavers throughout North America, meaning we ship everywhere in the United States and Canada. We have more than 20 years of experience providing unique solutions to construction projects and within the contracting world, which is how we were able to create an innovative solution for tiled floor safety. Our solution is the most budget-friendly and has the quickest turnaround in the industry due to our experience with and refinement of our production system.

Galvanized steel sheet ensures the maximum safety of the raised surface in the case of an unsuspected load impact. The safety element increases the porcelain stoneware (3/4” thick) flexion resistance to over 13,000 N. Galvanized steel sheet installation allows for a pedestal to increase height up to 12” rather than ¾” suspended off the surface.

Porcelain Pavers installed
safety backed paver

State-of-the-Art Raised Floor Safety

Elevated Solutions provides state-of-the-art raised floor safety through our safety backing for all porcelain brands. When you send your pavers to our facility in California, we will efficiently work through the entirety of porcelain that you provide us. Our system has been refined and improved over the years to be efficient, meeting our client’s deadlines. We adhere the metal—a 30-gauge galvanized steel—with polyurethane glue to ensure the best possible results.

This system can endure up to 1000 pounds so that it can be used in any situation that requires elevated porcelain pavers. In fact, many vendors will not provide a warranty on their product without safety backing if the tile is more than 1 inch off the ground. This system can be used for elevated paver systems, porcelain paver podiums, and any other type of porcelain flooring that is raised off the ground, floor, or roof for drainage space. Contact Elevated Solutions’ office to get an estimate on your project.

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